Jameson House at Shannondell

PRC Team Members

  • DJ Risk, Project Executive
  • Tony Vilk, Project Manager
  • Ed Brackbill, Superintendent
  • Tom Snyder, Superintendent

Jameson House includes 125 independent apartment units for senior living. It is a five-story structural steel and plank building with an underground parking garage. Relevant work performed includes bulk excavation and site work such as storm water systems and roadways. Construction consists of structural steel and bollards with metal pan stairs and precast plank with topping, while finishes include drywall, metal studs, paint, carpet and full kitchens with granite countertops. An underground parking garage was built using concrete footings and walls, which were cast in place. In addition, fireproofing spray, a sprinkler system, carbon monoxide detection system and integrated exhaust system were included for safety. The elevator shaft is masonry and the garage doors have a card reader entrance and vehicle detection loop exit for resident convenience.


Douglas E. Milliken, Inc.

Square Footage



16 months