• BA Economics – Millersville University, LEED AP, Past member of American Society of Professional Estimators


  • Team PRC since 2018
  • Construction industry since 1988


  • Disc Golf

  • Travel and Visiting Extended Family

  • Good wine

  • Working at my house, working in the woods


I graduated from Solanco high school in ’01, and graduated from YTI in ’03 with an associates  degree in specialized business.


Team PRC since 2018


I enjoy spending as much time with my wife and two boys as I can, riding motorcycles when the weather is nice, and working on our house.


With great attention to detail and bold branding, Piazza JLR in West Chester, PA is a sight to be seen when driving down route 202. This is Paul Risk Construction’s third build with Piazza Auto Group and a great addition to their family of dealerships. So stop by, check out a car, and see the building!

Paul Risk Construction is in the final stretch at Piazza Jaguar Land Rover in West Chester, PA. Let’s go to this sleek car dealership and see what has happened in a month!

Paul Risk Construction is taking a May 2022 look at Piazza Jaguar Land Rover in West Chester, PA. The blacktop is poured in phase 2 and siding is beginning around the back of the building! It’s only a matter of time before cars will be in the repair bays and the project is wrapped up!

April may bring showers to most ,but it also brought so many updates to the Piazza Jaguar Land Rover Project in West Chester, PA! Let’s check in with Ron Project Superintendent and the progress. Enjoy!.

What a difference a month makes! Piazza Jaguar Land Rover continues to move forward with siding on Phase 1 and block, steel, and roofing on Phase 2. Let’s head Behind the Build with Bill, General Manager of Piazza JLR and Travis from PRC in this February update.

Phase 2 block walls have begun at Piazza Jaguar Land Rover in West Chester, PA. Let’s head to the site for a quick January 2022 update. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

With phase 1 near completion, final touches finishing up, cars on the lot, and phase 2 in the works, Piazza Jaguar Land Rover West Chester are off to a stellar start! Let’s go behind the build and check out the December update!

Piazza Jaguar Land Rover in West Chester, PA continues to progress along! Phase 2 demo is almost complete, drywall is complete, and black top is being prepped. Let’s take go to the job site for a quick update! ENJOY!

Let’s take a quick look at the September 2021 progress of Piazza Jaguar Land Rover in West Chester, PA. Since our June update, you can see a huge difference from just steel and a bit of concrete. Enjoy!

It’s Piazza Jaguar Land Rover take 2! This time PRC has brought the operation to West Chester, PA. Let’s go take a brief look at what has happened thus far!