The Garden, Freedom Village at Brandywine

Coatesville, PA

PRC Team Members

  • Richard Shoemaker, Project Executive
  • Charles Warrick, Project Manager
  • Art H. Kreider, Superintendent

The project consisted of a complete renovation of all of the common areas used by the residents. Work consisted of replacing all existing flooring with new updated material schemes, new cabinetry, acoustical ceiling tile, painting, reworked plumbing and HVAC systems and decorative lighting. The main lobby area was opened up to create more sitting space. Carpeting was replaced with lineal wood tile plank. A new feature chandelier was installed in the main accent of the lobby ceiling. The main dining room and private dining were completely renovated with upgraded finishes and lighting. The second floor renovated areas included a new activities room with a residential kitchen, a multi-purpose room and the existing beauty shop.

Owner: Freedom Village at Brandywine


Entos Design

Square Footage



5 months