Yorgos Restaurant

Lancaster, PA

Go Behind The Build

PRC Team Members

  • DJ Risk, Project Manager
  • Les Furlow, Project Superintendent

This project consisted of a major renovation to Yorgos Restaurant in downtown Lancaster. The project scope included adding a rooftop deck, second-floor dining room, new kitchen and third-floor banquet room. The new deck now overlooks Orange Street, with a partial overhang above the sidewalk. In addition, we removed part of the brick wall allowing for seating of approximately 40 patrons. The new dining room on the second floor focuses on high-end steak and seafood and has seating for up to 50 people, while a smaller banquet room has been added on the third floor. We also installed a new kitchen in the basement and an elevator to shuttle between the floors.

Interior Designer, Allison McIndoe, AK Interiors


Scott Dillow, Dillow Associates Architects, Inc.

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6 Months